Recipe Courtesy of Chef Bjarni Gunnar Kristinsson

Yield: 6 Cooking Time: 3-4 Hours Difficulty: Hard Full Episode: A Taste of Iceland (Season 6)


Black Sesame Sponge Cake Base
  1. Mix the praline with the egg whites, egg yolks, sugar and flour until dough is smooth
  2. Pass mixture through the sieve and pour into a 1 liter iSi Whip with 4 N2O charges and shake each time.
  3. Let rest in the refrigerator for a least 2 to 4 hours.
  4. Transfer dough into 10 paper cups with a hole in the bottom. Cook cakes in microwave for 40-45 seconds until soft and fluffy.
  5. Turn cakes out from cups into bowls.
Berry Coulis
  1. Mix berries and sugar in bowl.
  2. Spoon berries next to cakes.
Whipped Cream
  1. Whisk cream and sugar in a bowl to soft peaks.
  2. Mix with skyr.
  3. Spoon cream next to cakes.


Mixing Bowls
iSi Whip Siphon, 1quart
4 N2O Cartridges
10 paper cups
Full Episode: A Taste of Iceland (Season 6)


  • Berry Coulis
  • 175 grams Mixed Berries
  • 50 grams Caster Sugar
  • Whipped Cream
  • 200 grams Icelandic Skyr or Good Yogurt
  • 200 grams Cream, thickened
  • 50 grams Icing Sugar
  • Black Sesame Sponge Cake
  • 120 grams (4.2 oz.) Toasted Black Sesame Praline (sesame seed put in hot sugar/dry caramel)
  • 4 Egg whites, large
  • 3 Egg yolks, large
  • 80 grams (2.8 oz.) Sugar
  • 20 gram (0.7 oz.) Wheat flour